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Nicaraguan Dreamin’

Jason and I spent this past week in the beautiful country of Nicaragua! A friend of Jason’s from Columbia Business School is from Nicaragua and he arranged an incredible trip for about 45 friends. We spent some time in San Juan del Sur, a gorgeous beach city (Interesting fun fact: This crescent shaped bay was a popular resting place for gold prospectors headed to California in the 1850s. Like California, this coastal town is on the Pacific Ocean). We also spent a few days in Granada (a city with rich colonial history, located in Western Nicaragua). Nicaragua was gorgeous, the people were friendly and welcoming and everything is incredibly affordable! We had the most fabulous time with great friends, beautiful scenery and delicious drinks!

While we were there, we received a presentation on a great cause, the program, “One Laptop Per Child”. This presentation was specifically on the implementation of “One Laptop Per Child” in Nicaragua through “Fundacion Zamora Teran”. In Nicaragua, a majority of the population lives on $2 per day. This program creates a way for grade-school children to receive a personal laptop to use for school. The program educates the teachers at the schools about the capabilities (internet accessibility, typing programs, core curriculum programs, etc) of the laptops. In Nicaragua, through donations, the schools are able to set up internet connections and the children are able to use the laptops as part of their studies. Check out these two sites if you’re interested and want to learn more about these incredible organizations!

The laptops given to children as part of the One Laptop per Child program.

The laptops given to children as part of the One Laptop per Child program.

One Laptop per Child: http://one.laptop.org/

Fundacion Zamora Teran (Nicaragua): http://www.fundacionzt.org/

Below are some highlights from our awesome trip to Nicaragua!

Enjoying the gorgeous sunset with my incredible hubby!

Enjoying the gorgeous sunset with my incredible hubby!


Delicious Nicaraguan chocolates….I use the fact that they are 70% Cacao to justify why I think they’re “good for me”


A colorful Nicaraguan fountain


Island party cheers!


Doesn’t get better than this


Always a romantic


Several days on the trip we went to the beach, Playa de Maderas, to surf. Although I only surfed one day, Jason surfed (and taught some friends how to surf) all 3 days that we went


An incredible fresh water spring pool called Ojos de Agua, on the volcanic island of Ometepe. #nofilter


The surf shacks at Playa de Maderas


Nicaraguan sunset from our villa balcony


Our friend threw our group an amazing private island party in the middle of Lake Nicaragua, and this was our view! (Fun Fact: This freshwater lake actually has sharks, bull sharks, who have evolved to survive in this environment).


Nature is the best artist


My hubby enjoying our gorgeous view during desayuno (breakfast)


Our view in San Juan del Sur, at the Pelican Eyes Resort

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