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Gorgeous day to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge


We walked by one of my favorite places in NYC, Lincoln Center (obsessed with it at night!), on our way home from a dinner date on Friday.


We enjoyed a delicious dinner at one of my favorite Turkish restaurants in New York City, Bodrum (Bodrum Turkish Restaurant)


Walking past Columbus Circle and Central Park on a beautiful sunny day in the city.


LBD in the summer time…a go to favorite


Dessert first…yes please!


My love ❤


Strawberry shortcake ice cream in Brooklyn on a hot summer day…yummy! Check out Jacques Torres ice cream shop if you want a tasty treat!


Summer in our neighborhood


Date night pics


Gorgeous views of Manhattan from the Brooklyn Bridge


The hubby and I had an impromptu dinner date at our favorite pizza place in New York. It’s called Paulie Gee’s, it’s in Greenpoint (Brooklyn) and friends, believe me when I say that…it is delicious! We absolutely love it here! Please check it out! You’ll be happy you did! Paulie Gee’s

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