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Washington DC Love Part I

This weekend we had some plans change, so we spontaneously took advantage of East Coast proximity and headed to Washington D.C! Although it was a short trip (literally just 24 hours there) we had an awesome time sightseeing in our nation’s beautiful capitol! We totally loved it! I had been to D.C. as a kid and I’ll be honest, it was not my favorite place to visit. Jason had never been. Jason ended up really liking D.C., and this trip totally redeemed D.C. in my eyes! We lucked out with awesome weather and spent the whole time walking all over the city! On top of visiting all the beautiful historical sights and the National Mall, we got to spend time by the water, visit Georgetown and eat some yummy meals! All in all, D.C exceeded our expectations! The people were so nice and the sights were inspiring! We’re excited to go back!

dc13Stopped by the White House to say hello to President Obama and our First Lady!

dc26The walk up to the Lincoln Memorial. Passing by the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool, the largest of many reflecting pools in D.C.


dc5 We saw the Lincoln Memorial during the day and then also waited to see it at night, as it was something I really wanted to see. I think it is just such a stunning building! If this building and what it stands for doesn’t get you thinking and doesn’t inspire you, I don’t know what would.


Feeling inspired!

dc1  dc7  dc33 Liberty and Justice for ALL!


dc32The gorgeous Washington Monument at dusk, and then below, lit up at night! Gorgeous, right?!

dc12        dc29  Showing some love for the two places we are lucky enough to call home! California and New York! Love them both!

Check out the upcoming post….Washington D.C. Part II…coming next!

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