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Adventures in Seoul

In late December, Jason and I had the amazing opportunity to go visit Seoul, South Korea. Some of our good friends, Jason and Hye Yeon, are from Seoul, and had generously invited us to come visit and stay with them (we even got to celebrate New Year’s with them!). We’ve of course been wanting to go, so we seized the day and decided to take them up on their kind offer. We went to visit and absolutely loved it! We were in Seoul for almost 3 days (which was way too short!) and then the four of us headed over to meet another group of our friends in India. On our layover between Seoul and India we had 8 hours in Hong Kong we went out and explored the city a bit.

Seoul was such a cool city. It’s the most technology forward city I think I’ve ever visited (with high-speed wi-fi everywhere, beautiful state-of-the art buildings and lovely shopping and eating locales). It was extremely clean, the people are so polite and friendly, and the food is incredible! We had such an awesome time and hope to visit again sometime!



blog4The amazing multi-course meal that we enjoyed while watching a beautiful musical show highlighting South Korea’s rich musical performances and traditions.The performance was a gift, and it was such a lovely experience! We absolutely loved it!

blog5The love locks at Seoul Tower. N Seoul Tower marks the highest point in Seoul. You can walk up here (or take a tram/bus) and you have 360 degree view of the city. Along the observation dock, thousands and thousands of love locks are hung up. People buy the locks, write messages on them and lock them to the fencing up here. They’re colorful, fun and full of beautiful messages.

blog6Love locks overlooking Seoul (unfortunately on a smoggy day).

blog9Our friend Jason’s family was so very kind and generous and invited into their home to stay with them. His mom even bought us these beautiful flowers to say welcome! Koreans are such kind people! So sweet!

blog10Jason and I enjoying some delicious coffee in a beautiful, kind of hipster, coffee spot. The artsy coffee-shop scene is growing quite a bit in Seoul apparently. There were many beautiful and cool coffee places.

blog11On New Year’s Day we had the amazing opportunity to celebrate in true South Korean tradition. Our friend Hye Yeon’s amazing family kindly invited us to join their whole family in their traditional New Year’s celebration. We celebrated with them, enjoyed a truly delicious meal and got to see the beautiful Korean traditions. I was absolutely in love with all the beautiful traditional garments that were worn! How gorgeous does Hye-Yeon look?! Absolutely stunning! This adorable little boy in the picture is one of her relatives and was just so sweet! Getting to join them in this beautiful celebration was one of my very favorite parts of our trip! Loved it!

blog12The cutest and coolest art in one of the awesome coffee shops.

The next several pictures are of Changdeokgung Palace, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.








(above) Gyeongbokgung Palace


blog23(Above): This is Yonsei University, where our friend Jason went to college. The campus was really beautiful with the lovely brick architecture.


Hope to see you again soon, Seoul!!!

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