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London Calling: Part II

Ok friends…Here is part two of the London trip!


We ate at this awesome place called Nando’s. It’s a grilled chicken restaurant (a chain) famous for their spicy sauces that they marinate the chicken in. We had heard about this place because several famous soccer players like it (and Tweet about it), so Jason decided we had to check it out. We had initially tried it once before (a year ago) when we were in Vancouver. It’s really delicious, and we were excited to get a tasty Nando’s fix while we were in London!


London Scenery


Another Pam Hiran necklace that I adore (you can find it at Anthropologie). The intricacies of her hand-beaded necklaces are just gorgeous!

london eye night

Gorgeous London at night! We took a beautiful night stroll over the bridge one evening.



Our last day in London (before our flight back home), we rented bikes and biked all around the city (although mainly Hyde Park). Biking around the city was just exceptional! I highly recommend it. In Europe, several cities have public bike stations set up where you can rent bikes. I think it’s fabulous!



A friend of ours had recommended that we visit an outdoor vintage market/farmers market called Covent Garden. It was just lovely! There was a great mix of designer shops and beautiful boutiques but also fun vintage stands set up. As we were strolling through the marketplace I told Jason that I would love to find something with character, something different that stood out to me. There was so much beautiful vintage stuff. I came upon a fun spider pin with Swarovski crystals. It was something different, and fun! Just what I was looking for!

Ales guiness

Cheers! Nothing like drinking Guinness in the UK or Ireland! Just tastes so much better! We stopped at this pub to grab a drink before the Liverpool vs. Reading game. So much fun!


This tiny little Liverpool uniform that we bought for our future niece!


A picture Jason took of the pitch at the Liverpool/ Reading game.

4 Responses to “London Calling: Part II”

  1. tiffanystanwood

    Love all these pics and reading about your great time over there!!

    P.S. saw the adorable Liverpool outfit….you guys are so sweet!!! That is going to be too cute on her!!

    • missmelis

      Thanks Tiff! Yes! How cute is this Liverpool kit? We picked it up for the little lady! Couldn’t resist! 😉 So excited to see you guys soon!

  2. Liang

    love that you guys found a restaurant based on tweets – so social media savvy – good job jason. looked like you guys had a great time! woo!

    • missmelis

      Haha! Yes! Jason was keeping up with the Twitterverse! 😉 We had an absolutely wonderful time! Hope Hawaii was awesome! Can’t wait to hear about it!


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