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The past 5 weeks have been really incredible! We were in California for the holidays with our families, then we were off to Seoul, South Korea, and then India!! We had an absolutely magical time! Since then for work I’ve been in Indianapolis, Boston, Chicago and of course…our beloved New York! So, sorry for no recent posts. But, they are on their way! Here’s some of what’s to come…

IMG_9459  IMG_0543  IMG_9087  IMG_9885  IMG_9705  IMG_0359  IMG_9021

2 Responses to “Recently…”

  1. Chris Chavez

    Meliss, love the pictures! Holly and I are debating where to go this summer. India is on the list as a possibility. If so, we will need some travel tips. 🙂 Hope to see you and Jason soon!

    • missmelis

      Chris! Thanks so much! We had such an amazing time in India! Let us know if you and Holly decide to go, we’ve got some tips! I think you would absolutely love it! 🙂

      Hope you guys are well! Hope to see you soon!


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