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photo 1(1)My favorite summertime dress

photo 1(2)Cheers!


photo 1(3)Celebrating the LA Kings winning the Stanley Cup! I’ve been a big Kings fan (and ice hockey lover!) since I was little girl. I used to watch every Kings game with my Dad! Such a fun Stanley Cup series with my favorite team, playing my adopted East Coast team (still love the Rangers). But, Congrats Kings!!

photo 1The print on this dress just makes me happy! And, now it has super happy memories to go along with it because I wore it to Jason’s graduation!

photo 2(1)The best kind of mornings….breakfast and coffee with my hubby at my favorite NYC coffee spot (Irving Coffee)

photo 2(2)The incredible view of sunset on the Hudson River on our walk to dinner the other night!

photo 2(3)Jason and I went to the USA v. Turkey soccer friendly with some friends a few weekends ago. It was so fun! It was a perfect day for soccer. And, although I am a USA fan through and through, it was fun to get to watch Turkey and USA play each other, so that I got to watch (and support) both! 🙂

photo 3(1)Had to stop in the middle of my run and take this panoramic shot of the reservoir in Central Park. Just stunning!

Love my Gigi New York Uber Clutch. It’s hard for me to resist beautiful things, especially when they are monogrammed!

photo 3Just passing by the Museum of Natural History on a beautiful New York summer day. Love living on the Upper West Side.

photo 4(2)Grand Central Station is always awe-inspiring

photo 4Summer weekends spent hanging in the park with great friends. Perfection.

photo 5(1)My favorite Vale necklaces that I love pairing together.

photo 5(2)Obsessed with these stunning lavender beauties that are right outside my office.

photo 5The most delicious brunch from Pera SoHo.

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