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New York City —-> Los Angeles

So, I have been MIA for a while. The reason is….that Jason and I moved back to California! We are now back in Southern California! (Which we are very excited about!) So, we have been packing (in New York), moving, and unpacking (in California)! Obviously, any move is a lot of work! But, these cross-country moves are definitely a ton of work! We are so excited to be back in Southern California, close to our families and many of our friends! We absolutely LOVED living in New York! (I think it’s the most fabulous city in the world!) and we will definitely miss the city and all our incredible friends there! But, we’re thrilled to be HOME! Get ready for a swap of East Coast photos for West Coast photos! Now, I’m officially back on the blog so be sure to keep stopping by and checking it out! Thanks for all your support!




Can’t beat the beautiful California palm trees

playaprovisionslatteA delicious iced cappucino at my new neighborhood favorite brunch spot Playa Provisions.

pennymeReunited with our sweet puppy, Penny

nycWill miss this view from our apartment….and this incredible city!

drinks“Cheersing” to being reunited with great friends and exciting memories to come in LA! (Check out Scopa Italian Roots! It is fabulous!)

 beachOur new neighborhood

dessertA celebratory send-off dessert from one of my favorite restaurants in Manhattan (Isabella’s). You have to try this Chocolate Berry Basket if you go!


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